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September 24 2017

Człowiek martwi się tylko o kogoś, kto jest dla niego ważny. A złości się, gdy ktoś jest bardzo ważny. 
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(...) kłopot polega często na tym, że obie strony pragną tego samego, lecz mówią innym językiem lub w ogóle nie mówią.
— Z. Celmer
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Out of all the replies to this post I hate this one the most because that is EXACTLY what I did. Literally the first god damn thing.

I hate this so much. Piccolo doesn’t have a dick. Namekians don’t have dicks. They probably don’t have *any* genitalia. A Piccolo figure would be the only figure that would make sense to not have any genitalia unlike all other dolls/figures but they gave him boxers anyway. And no way anyone in DBZ wears underwear while fighting, that stuff chaffes. You ever see panty lines under Vegeta’s spandex? No. No you don’t.

Well i got news for you vegeta wears tighty whities 


im going back to bed

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September 23 2017

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This map should be included in every history book.

This is so sad.

Then maybe white people will stop saying that that they are 1/64 of a 1/8 Cherokee

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Looks like an entirely different planet! 💚

By: 831gaberodriguez — at Yosemite National Park.

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umm, i guess its leaking...
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September 22 2017

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