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May 20 2018

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1998 nickelodeon trade ad

It’s amazing how they could make an ad from 1998 that looks like a shitpost made a week ago.

Here’s a template

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I’m not sure what kind of luck the $115 frozen pizza badger is supposed to bring but I’m not taking any chances

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That’s it. The best version of the meme. We’ve done it lads

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What Would A Mediocre White Man Do? (new mantra to live by!)

this is SO REAL both the specific case and the broad case in the specific case: if you actually met 100% of the requirements they couldn’t afford you I tell this to every woman I talk to job hunting about APPLY ANYWAY THE MEDIOCRE WHITE MEN ARE DOING IT (via @galwednesday)

“if you actually met 100% of the requirements they couldn’t afford you”

I really needed to hear this. I had never thought of it this way. This literally never occurred to me, I’ve just spent my whole adult life thinking I was underqualified for everything. Thinking I’m not good enough for anything because the “minimum requirements” are so high.

I need specifics. I wanna know what I can get away with. I wanna know what they really mean by “minimum.” I wanna know how much I’m actually worth.

As someone who worked in hr, this is true.

True to the point that if someone was extremely unqualified, but because of timing we were desperate, we’d bend rules to get them hired. And the only people taking advantage of this were guys.

if you actually met 100% of the requirements they couldn’t afford you

this made so much click in my head. because this was literally it–spend half the time being unqualified for everything and just not applying. and the rest of the time being qualified and not getting hired. because ahahaha fuck you, you’re too expensive now/we’re too worried you’ll jump ship and leave us because of how qualified you are! guess we’ll just hire this shitty dude to do it !? ?

I debated posting this here but WWAMWMD? He’d post it. #girlgogetyours



ooh this is a good three sentences

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illustrator Kazuaki Horitomo
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Why is this even a question? How is your child meant to learn to apologize when you don’t do it yourself as a parent?

Should people apologize to people?

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This is one of the best interactions I’ve ever had.

Two school age kids: “Oh look at the big white puppy!”

Their mother: “Come here, let me explain something to you. That dog is a Service Dog. Whenever you see a dog in a store like this you can’t distract it cause it’s working.”

Two kids: “What do you mean he’s working?”

Mom: “He helps that girl. You know how at school your teacher tells you to be quiet so you don’t get distracted doing your work? It’s the same thing with that dog. You can’t distract him.”

Two kids: “What does he help her with?”

Mom: “That’s her business. Your business is to not distract him so he can work.”

If children can understand so can you.

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in 10 days ireland is having a referendum to hopefully repeal the 8th amendment, which equates the life of a foetus to that of an adult

abortion is currently 100% illegal in ireland with a penelty of up to 14yrs (rape is 7yrs, if even that) and up to 10 people travel to england to access abortion every single day

if you’re irish, remember go to vote Yes on May 25th. if you’re not irish but have irish friends, remind them to go vote Yes

(rb if ya can)

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🌺Spring🌺 cats with 👑 🌺

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Ivor Novello in Alfred Hitcock’s 1927 film The Lodger.

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My friend posted this the other day and I had to share it. Her cat looks so damn pleased with himself, it’s great.

The question is: why this person has gay pride flag in her window

well man i’ll give you 4 fucking guesses

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